Mike Harris at Stratham Fair

The NH 4-H program is very excited to welcome Michael Harris to the NH 4-H team as the Rockingham County 4-H Program Manager as of the end of June. Mike was thrown into the myriad of summer events (Teen Conference, Stratham Fair, County Horse Show) and has finally stood still long enough for us to take his picture and share his enthusiasm with all of you.

Mike is taking on his new role with an abundance of excitement in Rockingham County. He began working with youth when he was a teenager at Camp Calumet in Ossipee, NH. Through the years there, he developed programs, trained staff, and directed seasonal programming. In addition to his summer camp roles, Mike has served as the director of several afterschool programs throughout the county, working in the public schools and recently volunteering at state 4-H events. Mike is an extremely social person so should you have the pleasure to be in the area, be sure to say hello. When he isn’t being the 4-H head clover of Rockingham County, he enjoys many outdoor pursuits as well as spending time with his furry animal family members.

As the Rockingham County 4-H Program Manager, Mike provides oversight and support to the Rockingham 4-H program and serves on the 4-H AoE team.

Mike can be found at:

UNH CE Rockingham Office
113-A North Road
Brentwood, NH 03833
Ph. (603) 679-5616
Email: michael.harris@unh.edu


4-H Program Manager
4-H Program Manager, Rockingham County
Phone: 603-679-5616
Office: Cooperative Extension, Taylor Hall, Durham, NH 03824