New Resource Available: Dayneutral strawberries in NH

Unlike traditional June-bearing strawberries, day-neutral varieties are less affected by daylength and initiate flowers as long as temperatures remain approximately 40–85°F. Also unlike June-bearing strawberries, day-neutrals produce their first fruit in the year of planting, typically within 10 weeks of planting. Even though there is variation among varieties in the fruiting pattern throughout the season, day-neutral plants generally produce fruit from late-June into November in the year of planting.

This new guide, written by Kaitlyn Orde and Becky Sideman, summarizes our experiences with day-neutral strawberry varieties at the University of New Hampshire and shares data from our trials as a benchmark for performance of these varieties in the region. The varieties described include: Albion, Aromas, Cabrillo, Monterey, Portola, San Andreas, Seascape and Sweet Ann. This work was part of the TunnelBerries project, and took place at the NH Agricultural Experiment Station.

Access the full publication here. 


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