Home Sweet Home With Wells Costello

Citizen Science Outreach Coordinator

Wells Costello at the beach

Physical distancing and not seeing friends, family and co-workers can be difficult, but we sure are grateful for the safety and security of home. With Extension offices closed during the COVID-19 pandemic, staff members are sharing how their work has shifted and why they are grateful for home.

Wells Costello

Citizen Science Outreach Coordinator

Now that you are working remotely, how are you continuing to help New Hampshire residents?

By staying at home. As much as I miss interacting with our volunteers, staying home is the best way to beat this thing!

What are you currently reading or what reading do you recommend in your area of expertise for those distancing at home? 

Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee by Dee Brown. It looks at American history in the eyes of the native tribes. West looking east, rather than east looking west.

Favorite at-home activity related to your area of expertise? 

I've been really enjoying gardening and planting my seeds for the season ahead.

Favorite thing to do with your family at home? 

My family and I went to the ocean to watch April's first full moon. The pink moon. I am always in constant awe of how much gravitational pull the moon has on Earth. I think to answer your question, I've been spending more time with them. Of course, there is a delicate balance, but we are all we've got at the moment because of social distancing. It's been nice.

Got a favorite meal to make? 

I am a breakfast guy. It's always a good day when I have time to make french toast in the morning. It is also nice that I do not have to rush out the door, now that I am working from home.

Anything else to share? 

The photo below is of our son Patch, who is keeping us busy during these sunny days.

Young child playing outside

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