No Experience Necessary!

Instructor shows a youth how to start a hydroponics system

4-H is looking for adults to become short-term (8-weeks) or long-term volunteers for the Cultivating Roots: An introduction to hydroponics program for grades 4 - 6. 

All you need to volunteer with 4-H is:

  • an interest in teaching youth
  • a desire to learn about and share new growing techniques
  • a desire to deliver hands-on activities
  • a willingness to work in a remote learning environment as well as the classroom

Gardens are a powerful education tool that engages youth in a food system and connects them to the natural world. A garden is a versatile place in which to teach about many subjects, including science, math, language arts, engineering, technology, and even stewardship. Cultivating Roots: An introduction to hydroponics is a project designed to lead youth through a series of progressive lessons that introduce them to the basics of hydroponics.  The project includes a mixture of hands-on activities combined with the use of interactive technology to explore the world of hydroponics. Youth will have the chance to test the water retention capacity of growing materials, explore what a pH reading can tell us, and much more.   

In an effort to support our schools and teachers during this trying time, NH 4-H will be piloting Cultivating Roots: An introduction to hydroponics with several classrooms around the state.  In order to meet the diverse needs of our schools, the lessons have been designed to fit in-person, remote learning, or can be delivered in a combination. 

As a 4-H Volunteer the benefits are many! You'll:

  • gain basic training in hydroponic concepts and systems
  • develop instruction skills
  • learn concepts of positive youth development
  • connect youth to their food sources
  • provide youth food security options
  • and more! 

Interested in Joining Our Team?

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