WIC participants – did you know that your cash value benefits (CVB) are almost 4 times their usual value this summer? Under the American Rescue Plan, WIC participants' monthly spending cash has increased from $9 to $35 for purchasing fruits and vegetables during June, July, August, and September of 2021. 


Produce can be fresh, frozen, or canned – you pick! Frozen and canned products have the same nutritional value as fresh produce, but the increased benefits may allow you to purchase more fresh goods than before. But wait, it gets better! August is officially NH Eats Local Month, so for 31 days you have more opportunities to bring fresh, local food into your home while supporting Granite State farmers, fishers, and food businesses. Not only will local food be featured in grocery stores, you and your family can celebrate local food by joining events, contests, film screenings, storytelling, and more! Visit nheatslocal.com for more information. 


With all this fresh food and increased benefits, you'll want to make sure nothing goes to waste. Check out these storage tips and recipes to make the most of your fresh produce each month: