No experience necessary!

4-H is looking for adults to become short-term (4-weeks meeting three times a week) or long-term 4-H Agri-STEM Volunteer Mentors for the Cultivating Roots: An introduction to hydroponics program for grades 4 – 6 or Food Systems Feed Us: Farm to Table program for grades 2 – 4

Schools have faced many challenges over the past year with delivering both in-person and remote learning experiences to their students in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic.  To help with these community needs the 4-H Northeast Collaborative team (NH, VT, & ME) has received a USDA grant to help support school enrichment not only in the traditional classroom but for rural, remote learners as well- and we want to involve you!

All you need to volunteer with 4-H are:

  • an interest in teaching youth
  • a desire to learn about and share new growing techniques
  • a desire to deliver hands-on activities
  • a willingness to work in a remote learning environment as well as the classroom

We have developed several hands-on, project-based Agri-STEM (agriculture and STEM-based) curriculum designed to be delivered 100% virtually. The next 4-H school enrichment series will be implemented with the classrooms in Fall  2021. Volunteer Mentor training will begin in September 2021 .

The 4-H program is grounded in the belief that kids learn best by doing. These lessons are designed for hands-on learning intended to build confidence, creativity, curiosity, as well as life skills such as leadership and resiliency to help learners thrive. Experiential learning expands and connects educational activities to life skills. In each lesson, students will experience the phenomena, reflect on learning, and apply their new knowledge.

The lessons are designed to be delivered 100% remotely by a 4-H Agri-STEM Staff  with a 4-H Agri-STEM Volunteer Mentor in the classroom.

As a 4-H Agri-STEM  Volunteer Mentor, the benefits are many! 

  • gain basic training in hydroponic concepts or systems or food systems.  
  • develop instruction skills such as inquire learning and experiential learning
  • learn concepts of positive youth development
  • connect youth to their food sources
  • provide youth food security options
  • and more! 

Interested in Joining Our Team? 

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