painting by Peter Cady

I love when the art and science brain collide. When you think about it, the relationship is quite parallel. They both are inquisitive, creative, observational, and cannot fear the unknown!

Peter Cady volunteers for CRV's rockweed monitoring program and spends a good deal of time observing the rocky intertidal in Rye. He is also a very talented artist and recently sent me a photo of his painting!

Peter's words are below.

"No title yet... I’m interested in views through openings, and the many basalt dikes provide this. My rockweed samples grow in one of these protected slots. I like the smoother, fine grained, heavily eroded basalt contrasting with the bold granites it intruded into. It’s fun walking through these narrow openings, too."

You can learn more about Peter and his work here.

Thank you for sharing your connection to this place, Peter!