Dennis Crawford

The Avian Flu put a crunch on the 4-H Poultry building at this year’s Deerfield Fair. This opened the way for Dale Carney of Chester 4-H Jr. Rifle and Archery League to bring the NH 4-H Shooting Sports Mobile Archery Trailer and Range in.

This allowed us to offer a 4-H Shooting Sports Experience to just under 1,000 folks. Mostly youth which had to be over 8 years of age with parental permission along and a few adults who ran the risk of the kids out shooting them.

The exact number was 993 participants according to the stack of written permission forms.

 An assortment of bows, recurve and compound in both left- and right-handed versions were available with plenty of arrows, and several 3D target. The targets were set in front of the backstop curtain which stops the arrows.

4-H Leaders and 4-H Volunteers certified as Archery Instructors ran the Archery line with help from other 4-H team members including 4-H youth were manning the registration table keeping the line of folks moving safely and smoothly for all 4 days!

Folks were able to see how re-fletching is done to fix damaged arrows.

We look forward to working with our other New Hampshire County fairs to bring this great 4-H experience to other parts of the state.