UNH Professional Training offers certificate programs in the business, natural resources and education sectors

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The University of New Hampshire’s Professional Development & Training department offers certificate programs in the business, natural resources and education sectors to help professionals build expertise and thrive in the workplace. Most certificates are made up of a combination of required and elective programs in a topic area, which allows participants to tailor programs to their needs and complete certificates at their own pace. Here are five ways a PD&T certificate can help boost your career:  

1. Certificates Help Build Industry-Specific Skills  

A PD&T certificate offers the fundamental skills needed to succeed in your field. Whether you need to earn industry-specific certifications or just want to upskill in a particular area, PD&T offers a variety of workshops that count toward certificate programs.   

With the Project Management Certificate, you can earn specific certifications, like the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification offered in collaboration with William George Associates, and then upskill in a more particularized area with a class like Biotech Supply Chain Management. No matter your industry, our certificate programs are designed to provide you with the skills you need to be effective and stay competitive in your workplace.  

2. Interact with Industry Experts  

When you enter a PD&T classroom, you get the chance to engage with world-class instructors. One participant in the Agile-Scrum Certificate program said, “The instructor, Mark Hall, was the most valuable part of the workshop. His knowledge, professionalism, organization and teaching ability are incredible.” We get this kind of feedback regularly thanks to the exceptional instructors across our program areas.  

In PD&T courses, you’ll get the chance to ask questions and brainstorm solutions about your actual workplace challenges with seasoned experts. In fact, a program manager recently described the relationship between instructors and learners as, “almost like consulting.” We think that’s unique compared to the host of asynchronous certification programs available online today.   

3. Network with Peers  

Get your “finger on the pulse” and learn to “speak the language” of your industry thanks to built-in peer collaboration. Engage in valuable discussions and brainstorming exercises with the people who really understand your challenges and can offer solutions backed by personal experience.   

Consider educators, for example. How often do teachers from districts across the state (and beyond) get the chance to sit down together and share their experiences like they do in our Social and Emotional Learning Certificate workshops? PD&T creates space for professionals to come together and focus on building a better future for themselves and their organizations.   

4. Increase Your Confidence in the Workplace   

We’ve all heard of the imposter syndrome by now. Feelings of inadequacy can be hard to overcome. Even so, the American Psychological Association offers individualized strategies to help you overcome imposter feelings. PD&T programs align with these strategies to help professionals escape organizational norms and reframe negative thinking patterns.   

At PD&T, our courses are designed to build confidence by offering research-backed tools that participants can take to their workplace and implement the very next day. Whether you’re a new hire or a seasoned employee, boost your confidence by gaining new skills while reflecting on best practices with a wide network of professionals in a certificate program.   

5. Discover New Passions  

Want to make a career change but don’t know where to begin? Explore multiple introductory courses while working toward one certificate or check out unique programs like the Wedding Planning Certificate and the Audio Engineering Certificate. The exploratory nature of our certificates makes them a cost-effective solution for jumpstarting a career in a brand-new industry or changing your role within your organization.   

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