• Claremont New Hampshire wooded trail in autumn.


Derek Ferland, Sullivan County Manager and Becky Levy, Extension's Community & Economic Development Field Specialist in Sullivan County joined Steve Smith (WCNL Country's General Manager) on the Steve Smith Podcast, to talk about the county’s regional recreational trail initiative. Becky is helping the county form a trails council to steer efforts outlined in the 2023 Sullivan County Trails Plan.

The four overarching goals in the Plan are: 1. better understand the role that trails play in quality of life, economic vitality, and regional identity; 2. identify the high-level projects, investments, strategies, and partnerships that will improve the quality and connectivity of trails and boost the region’s outdoor recreation economy; 3. recognize and build support for recreational trails as a key resource in the Sugar River Region; and 4. build a strong network of residents, trail organizations, local leaders, and the business community to support recreational trails in the region.

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Sullivan County
Extension Field Specialist, Community Development
Office: UNH Cooperative Extension Community & Economic Development, Taylor Hall, Durham, NH 03824