Food Safety

New Hampshire food pantries benefit from fresh produce that is safely grown, harvested and donated by community members
World Food Safety Day, observed on June 7, serves as a global reminder of the critical role safe food plays in our lives. Produce from home gardens ca... Learn More
SAFE for Food Pantries Class Series 2024 Learn More
SAFE Food Handling for Foodservice Workers Class Series 2023 Learn More
Keep bacteria, viruses and other unwanted guests away from holiday festivities
Keep bacteria, viruses and other unwanted guests away from holiday festivities with these food safety basics for Thanksgiving. Learn More
Helpful information for farmers diversifying their businesses with mushrooms
Tools for introducing production practices that mushroom growers can use to boost quality and shelf life while lowering the risk of contamination with... Learn More
Guidance for mushroom foraging in New Hampshire
Foraged wild mushroom food safety starts with learning how to identify safe, non-toxic, edible wild mushrooms. Whether foraging for your own use or yo... Learn More
Food safety programs provide important production support for N.H. farmers
UNH Extension offers high-quality food safety educational programming and technical assistance for many audiences, including farmers. Learn More
Foods stored more than a day using 4% vinegar or lower should be discarded
The National Center for Home Food Preservation asks that foods stored using 4% vingar or less, for more than 24 hours, be discarded. Learn More
Questions to ask before trying a canning recipe
The University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension recommends following home canning recipes and guidelines that have been tested by scientific res... Learn More
Advice for Families
Recommendations for families navigating the baby formula shortage. Learn More