Amphibians venture to vernal pools in the spring, but their journeys are not always easy.
In spring, amphibians migrate to vernal pools for breeding during what is known as The Big Night. There are specific weather conditions that determine... Learn More
Six-part webinar series will kick off in March with partners from across the state
A six-part online training series hosted by the NH Butterfly Monitoring Network will provide information on butterflies in New Hampshire, butterfly bi... Learn More
Thank you to the 76 volunteers who completed the 2023 Coverts Project Survey! The 2023 Annual Report for the Coverts Project is posted online, and rep... Learn More
Join us to explore wildlife track and sign in February 2024
Join us to explore wildlife track and sign in February 2024. Learn More
A Question of the Week
There are a few different reasons why you might not be seeing as many birds in your yard or at your feeder. Learn why and what you can do to help bird... Learn More
A twelve-week course helps Granite Staters improve their bird identification skills and learn about wildlife ecology
Over 300 species of birds can regularly be found in New Hampshire, which makes learning how to identify them by sight and sound a challenge. To help G... Learn More
Help keep Good Forestry relevant and up-to-date by completing the following survey.
Good Forestry in the Granite State: Recommended Voluntary Forest Management Practices for New Hampshire, last published in 2010, is being revised. Hel... Learn More
UNH Extension has county foresters who work with landowners, communities, and natural resource professionals in every county to address crucial resour... Learn More
A letter of appreciation from Covert, James Kibler. Learn More
During May 2023, twenty-four conservation-minded individuals from twenty different New Hampshire communities met online, reviewed resources, and atten... Learn More