NH Vegetable Pest & Disease Update

Trapping data – Traps are out on farms throughout the state, and we’re monitoring for squash vine borer and the major sweet corn insect pests (European corn borer, corn earworm, fall armyworm and western bean cutworm). To see the most recent scouting data, visit the links above, and scroll to the bottom of the page. (As or the writing of this post - no squash vine borers yet, but we are seeing ECB moths in some sites!).

Potato leafhopper – we haven’t seen them in the area yet. As a reminder, they typically arrive every year on storms – usually in late June. Once they mate and lay eggs that hatch into nymphs, those nymphs can do a lot of feeding damage on many crops: as well as on potato, they are problematic on eggplants, beans, wgrape, melon, dahlia, and many other crops. Refer to this prior article for more info, and keep an eye out.

Do you have a pest or disease problem that needs diagnosis? We are here to help. Up-to-date info is found at our Plant Disease & Diagnostic Services site. You can submit digital photos for diagnosis by emailing them to: 

Click to follow link.">pdl.digitalsample@unh.edu

. When you email, please also include the fillable diagnostic form to provide us with useful background info – available here.We are also very much available to talk via phone, email, or ‘virtual’ visits. Email or call any member of the Veg & Fruit team (listed below). We look forward to speaking with you.