Invasive Plants & Insects

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Using EDDMapS to Map Invasive Plants
Are you planning a stewardship or invasive plant control project in New Hampshire? Use EDDMapS on your computer, smartphone or tablet to map invasive ...
Forest & Trees Natural Resources Fact Sheet
Getting the Most Out of EDDMaps [video]
Video: How to use the free EDDMaps Website and Mobile App to learn more about invasive species, their distributions and participant in tracking and ma...
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Spotlight on NH Invasive Plants
Identification tips and basic control methods for some of NH's invasive plants: Glossy Buckthorn, European Barberry, Japanese Honeysuckle, Purple...
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Invasive Plants: Specific Methods of Control
A collection of specific resources on invasive plant control methods and species specific resources.
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NH Invasives Academy Resources
Resources Used in Academy<br /> <br /> <br /> Guide to New Hampshire Invasive Upland Plants (.pdf)<br /> Prohibited Plant Species Poster (pdf)<b...
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Plant Sales and Jumping Worms
As gardeners, we’re already well trained to look for signs of disease, weeds, root health, and pests when buying, selling, or swapping plants. This di...
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Methods for Disposing Non-Native Invasive Plants
Prepared by the Invasives Species Outreach Group, volunteers interested in helping people control invasive plants. Assistance provided by the Piscataq...
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Alternatives to Invasive Landscape Plants [fact sheet]
New Hampshire’s invasive species regulations currently prohibit the collection, sale, transport, distribution, propagation or transplantation of prohi...
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NHBugs: Protecting Trees And Forests [website]
Visit<br /> <br /> Through a partnership with New Hampshire Deparment of Agriculture, Markets &amp; Food, New Hampshire Forests &amp;  La...
Yard & Garden, Natural Resources, Forest & Trees, NH Bugs Natural Resources
The Brown Marmorated Stink Bug (BMSB)
About the brown marmorated stink bug...<br /> <br /> This invasive insect presents two types of problems: it can be a significant household nuisance...
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