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Guide to Choosing Locally Relevant Citizen Science Projects for the Classroom
This guide will help users to critically examine potential citizen science projects to determine whether they are easily adapted for use in a classroo...
STEM Education, Schoolyard SITES Youth Development & Education Guide
Social, Emotional and Mindful Learning Curriculum: No Cost, Free!
Sometimes you get what you pay for, sometimes you don't--and just occasionally you can get much more than you may imagine when great resources ar...
Health & Well-Being, Health & Well-Being, Social, Emotional and Mindful Learning, Thriving Youth Health, Youth Development & Education Fact Sheet
Mindfulness Education Resources
Association for Mindfulness in Education - networking/sharing<br /> Childlight Yoga/Yoga 4 Classrooms - training &amp; resources<br /> Center for...
Health & Well-Being, Social, Emotional and Mindful Learning, Youth Mental Health & Wellness Health, Youth Development & Education