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09/13/21 AC MINUTES
Coös County Extension Advisory Council
Monday, September 13th, 2021 @ 6:00 pm
Advisory Councils Meeting Minutes
4-H Foundation 2019 Annual Meeting Minutes
The 4-H Foundation of New Hampshire holds an annual meeting to thank donors and members of the 4-H community. It celebrates the past year's accom...
New Hampshire 4-H
4-H Foundation Board of Directors 2019-20
The current 4-H Foundation of New Hampshire board of directors, for 2019-2020.<br /> <br /> *Denotes preferred location for 4-H phone calls<br /> <...
Administration, Extension Leadership New Hampshire 4-H
Branching Out 4-H Agri-Science Club
Ever wonder how things grow, maple syrup is made, what a pollinator does, or what the difference is between a pest and insect? Join the Branching Out ...
Yard & Garden, School Gardening, Health & Well-Being, STEM Education New Hampshire 4-H
Coös County - A Year in Review 2017
Cultivating Success in New Hampshire<br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> ENGAGE<br /> <br /> Coös County and the University of New Hampshire (UNH) provid...
Extension Leadership, Administration
Coös County 2016 Highlights
A summary or Extension activities in Coös County. 
Extension Leadership
Coös County 2019 Highlights
2019 Year in Review: Coös County<br /> <br /> Coös County’s pristine forests provide hands-on learning experiences for citizens of all ages, includi...
Extension Leadership, Administration
Coös County 2020 Highlights
A Year in Review: Coös County, 2020<br /> <br /> Coös County Contributions: $244,100<br /> <br /> State Contributions: $471,230 (In 2020, for ever...
Advisory Councils, Administration
Coos County 4-H Resources
RECORD KEEPING<br /> <br /> 4-H Financial Report, Annual Leader Report (.pdf) (word)<br /> <br /> 4-H Garden Project Record Book<br /> <br /> Pr...
Coös County- A Year in Review 2018
Coös County- A Year in Review 2018
Extension Leadership, Administration