Adding SNAP/EBT Sales to your Farm [webinar video]


This webinar covers:

  • What is FNS and how to start an application
  • Steps to become a SNAP/EBT authorized retailer
  • How to use your EBT or debit/credit terminal for SNAP sales
  • Options for low-tech sales when technology or internet is limited
  • How to double the SNAP benefit with Granite State Market Match

Speakers on the webinar are Seacoast Eat Local’s Shelly Smith and Morgan Morani, Program Coordinators who have extensive experience administering SNAP incentive programs. Also Brendan Cornwell, Nutrition Incentive Network Coordinator from the New Hampshire Food Bank will speak about the Granite State Market Match Program.

Webinar Notes

Overview of NH & federal nutrition incentive programs.  The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) offers nutrition assistance to eligible, low-income individuals and can be an added revenue source for direct market farmers. As funding for SNAP is increasing, we hope NH Farmers will consider becoming an approved vendor to provide healthy, local food to SNAP customers.

Seacoast Eat Local is a Regional Lead in the New Hampshire Nutrition Incentive Network, helping to expand the reach of SNAP incentives (Granite State Market Match) at farmers’ markets and farm stands in the Seacoast region. 

This webinar was produced in partnership with the NH Food Alliance, UNH Cooperative Extension, Seacoast Eat Local, the NH Food Bank, NH Deparment of Ag Markets and food and NH Farm Bureau.


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