NH 4-H Livestock Auction - Seller Information


    • girl kissing lambs head at auction

    4-H Youth raise Beef, Meat Goats, Lamb, & Swine to be auctioned off on Monday, September 4, 2023 at the Hopkinton State Fair in Contoocook, NH. The show begins at 10:00am and the auction begins at 12:30pm.

    How to Enter an Animal:  Registration will be open through 4HOnline from July 1 - August 1. Youth MUST attend one tagging date to participate in the Livestock Show & Auction. See Rules & Regulations below.

    Auction Tagging Dates: Email Michelle Bersaw-Robblee (michelle.bersaw@unh.edu) to let us know you are planning to attend.

    Animal Project Workbooks: 2023 Auction Books will be available soon. 

    Seller Resources:

    Rules for Youth Participants:

    1. You can tag up to three animals per species. You may show and sell one animal per species at the auction. There is a non-refundable $25 tagging fee per species to tag up to three animals of same species (example: 3 lambs for $25 and 3 goats for $25). Payment is due at the time of tagging and weigh in. In the event that the auction needs to be canceled, arrangements have been made with a USDA certified processor to accommodate auction eligible NH 4-H Livestock Show & Auction animals.  Processing space will be available for one animal per species a seller has tagged.
    2. To participate members must be 8-18 years old by January 1 of current year.
    3. All livestock must be owned by the member, not in a farm name.
    4. All animals must be tagged at one of the official tagging events listed on the website. Tags must not be intentionally removed for the duration of the program, including the day of the auction.  Tags that fall out must be immediately reported to the species superintendent and the animal will be retagged, with documentation of the new tag by photo.
    5. All youth must participate in an approved educational workshop; there will be no exceptions to this requirement.  Approved workshops will be listed on the NH 4-H Livestock Sale and Auction website.
    6. All participants must get at least one bidder to come (or bid by proxy) to the auction.
    7. All participants must get at least one t-shirt sponsor.
    8. All livestock must have a rabies vaccination at least 30 days prior to the auction and not greater than 365 days prior to the auction.
    9. All participants must keep an ongoing record on their project – books are supplied.
    10. All participants must check in via email, in person or phone with a species superintendent or designated leader/advisor at least once each month during June, July and August. Check-in includes:
      1. The member presenting the record book to the superintendent or leader
      2. Leader/superintendent will view the animal or pictures of the animal.
      3. Review of progress since last check in, nutrition, etc.
    11. All livestock of a given species receiving a blue ribbon in the show will be sold first, followed by red ribbon animals of that species.
    12. All animals must meet the following requirements to be sold in the auction:
      1. All animals must be clean, fitted and groomed. Trained to lead, walk, set up, and be manageable for fair show ring.
      2. Animals must be in good body condition (see information included in your workbook and on the livestock show and auction website regarding body condition)
      3. Castration is required for all male livestock.
      4. Lambs must be slick shorn 7 days or less prior to the show and auction. Wool is allowed from hocks or knees down and poll forward.
      5. Swine must have hair ¾ inch or longer and ears and tail hair must be neat and clipped, with a switch at the end of the tail.
      6. Goats must have hair length of 1 inch or less.
    13. 4-H members participating at the show and auction must remain on the grounds after the auction until excused. Members will help load animals and clean up.