On Tuesday, May 31, there was an exciting buzz at the Candia Town Offices, where over thirty impassioned community volunteers gathered to create action plans for projects to make change in their community. Many of these volunteers were new to sharing their time and talent to bring about changes for the community. These projects are a direct outgrowth of the Community Profile facilitated by UNH Cooperative Extension.

Already, five action groups have begun work on projects that were identified at the Community Profile. The communications group has created and distributed a survey in order to learn how to reach Candia residents and what information they would like to know, and will also investigate opportunities for creating a newsletter and welcome bundle for new folks in town.

Volunteers working on transportation and infrastructure will investigate opportunities for a town administrator in order to accomplish projects related to speed limits and pedestrian safety.

The recreation, natural resources, and heritage group will work with UNH Cooperative Extension staff to engage volunteers to identify and map trails and historic assets in Candia.

Volunteers interested in community spaces in Candia are investigating opportunities to rehab the historic Smyth Memorial Building.

And the economic growth and quality of life group seeks to partner with the Planning Board to compile data about economic development impacts and assist in the master plan update.

Several participants at the May 31st meeting commented that they were inspired to see so many motivated, passionate, new community volunteers so motivated to make change in their community. This is one of the best parts of working in Community Development— getting to observe volunteers take action on what they have envisioned. Volunteers will meet throughout the summer and we will reconvene in early fall to see what the groups have accomplished.