New Hampshire 4-H Sheep and Market Lamb Projects Overview

4-H Sheep at BIG E

The 4-H Sheep Project focuses on breeding and showing sheep. Sheep come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. They can be differentiated by their primary purpose (meat, wool, milk), the type of fibers they grow (fine, medium, long, carpet, or hair), the color of their faces (black, white, red, or mottled), and various production or physical characteristics.

You do not have to own sheep to participate in the project. You can lease an animal and/or participate in a variety of the activities the project has to offer. This can be a long term and dedicated project.

Required Participant Age: 8-18 as of January 1 of the current year (12 and older to go on to Eastern States Exposition)

Required Animal Age: 4 months and no older than 2 years.

Animal Vaccinations: Rabies vaccination (recommended vet administered) 30 days and not more than one year prior to the date of the first show, or 4-H event. Animal must be 3 months of age before vaccination. All Sheep must have a Scrapie tag and a identification tag in their ears before going to a show or 4-H event.

Check out Introduction to the New Hampshire 4-H Sheep Project and Sheep 101 Page for basic information about the sheep.

New England 4-H Fair at the Eastern States Exposition, July, West Springfield MA


Forms, resources and Fact sheets here for members, volunteers, leaders and parents 





Jolee Chase
4-H Program Manager
Phone: 603-641-6060
Office: Cooperative Extension, Taylor Hall, Durham, NH 03824