Where Can I Obtain Pesticide Applicator Training and Testing?


Is there training available to help you prepare for your applicator license exam?

We offer training for initial certification in spring and for commercial supervisory level certificates in the spring and fall. These trainings will help you prepare for your applicator exam and help you become a safe and efficient applicator.

What is the difference between the Initial Pesticide Applicator Training and the Supervisory Registration Certification-General Use Training?

Initial Pesticide Certification Training is held in the winter/spring of each year and is applicable for both commercial and private applicators. This training helps prepare applicators for the state pesticide exam. The training focuses on the New Hampshire Code of Administrative Rules and Regulations, Worker Protection Standards, and the National Core Manual.  It also helps applicators become safe and efficient applicators. This training is not for applicators looking to get a Supervisory Registration Certification - General Use.

Registration for Private Applicator Initial Pesticide Training

Registration for Commercial Applicator Initial Pesticide Training

Supervisory Registration Certification - General Use Training is held each year in the late winter (Jan/Feb) and again in the fall (Sept), and offers training on the National Core Manual and G1, G2, B, F2 (25B Products only), F8, and C1 categories. This training is designed to meet the requirements outlined by the New Hampshire Department of Agriculture, Markets, and Food - Division of Pesticide Control. To be eligible to apply for a Supervisory Registration Certificate - General Use, a person shall:

  • Complete 8 hours of category specific training for each category they seek (G1, G2, B, F8, F2 (25B Products only) or C1),
  • Complete 8 hours of general instruction (Core Training),
  • Submit a resume form to the Division of Pesticide Control including with it the certificates of attendance to the above aforementioned training sessions as verification of completion,
  • take a written exam, AND
  • If the exam is passed, the applicant will take part in a scheduled oral examination given by a panel from the Division of Pesticide Control.

Registration for Supervisory Registration Certificate General Use Trainings

What commercial supervisory level certificate training is offered? How can you register for this training?

You cannot apply for your commercial supervisory level certificate unless you have attended the core training and the category training(s) you are applying for, i.e. it is mandatory that you attend the core and category training to obtain your supervisory license.

Where do you test for the commercial supervisory level certificates, and what do you need?

The NH Department of Agriculture, Markets & Food, Division of Pesticide Control administers all exams. Exam appointments can be made by contacting the Division of Pesticide Control at (603) 271-3550. 

Individuals wishing to take the exam will need proof of attending the class, an application for pesticide license ($20; government exempt) and exam application ($5 per category) and the Commercial resume form.

If you have questions, please contact Beth K. Caldwell at the Division of Pesticide Control: 603-271-3694, beth.k.caldwell@agr.nh.gov


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