Alan Eaton and others looking at an apple pest trap.

UNH Cooperative Extension has been running the NH IPM (Integrated Pest Management) Program continually since 1978. With this program, Cooperative Extension helps NH growers reduce their dependency on chemical pest controls. The program addresses pest management needs related to fruit, vegetable, greenhouse, and field & forage crop production, and also public health pest management in ticks and bed bugs. In this video, Alan Eaton discusses the history of the program and some of the many valuable impacts the program has had on the people and businesses of NH since it's inception.


Learn more about the impacts of the IPM program in these Impact Reports:

Reducing New Hampshire Crop Losses to a Serious Invasive Insect, 2015

Partial Biological Control of Tarnished Plant Bug in New Hampshire, 2015



Former Entomology & IPM State Specialist, Emeritus
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