Learning From Others at 4-H National Healthy Living Summit

4-H Youth Shares Her Experience at Recent Summit in Maryland

4H youth completes work at desk

The 4-H National Healthy Healthy Living Summit was a very enriching event. The experience of going to the National 4-H Conference Center was unforgettable. I learned a lot from each portion of the event, from the workshops I attended to the large presentations, such as the opening speaker. 

The conference opened with a speaker who discussed the plasticity of the brain during childhood and he emphasized the importance of taking care of the brain during this time. His presentation was in-depth and relevant to our age group.

I really began learning new things in the workshops. I did a workshop on teaching MyPlate in interactive ways. I made a bracelet that represented the different food groups and physical activities that I should do every day. It will be the perfect activity to do with the younger kids in my 4-H club. I learned other things in my workshops, from the red flags of an unhealthy relationship to how to get younger kids excited about exercise.

This summit was a great addition to the activities I do in 4-H and it gave me tons of knowledge about the 4-H Healthy Living area. I learned things I can bring back to New Hampshire, to my county and to my club. My favorite thing about 4-H is sharing knowledge and teaching others — and that's what this summit was all about.

by Christina Asher