Worker Protection Standards

WPS manuals

The regulation was developed to reduce the likelihood of accidental pesticide exposures for your employees and to provide them with the assistance and information they might need to properly deal with pesticide related emergencies. As of January 2, 2017 new pesticide worker safety requirements are in effect for employers and employees working in the production of agricultural commodities. The reason for the changes was to reduce occupational pesticide exposure and incidents of related illness among agricultural workers and pesticide handlers covered by the rule, and to protect bystanders and others from exposure to agricultural pesticide use.

The Revised Worker Protection Standard (WPS) regulations require that only EPA-approved training materials be used for WPS-required training. This includes all training materials used for pesticide safety training of Workers or Handlers; as well as the training materials used to train Trainers of Handlers and/or Workers.

All training material being used in training HAS to be EPA-approved and will bear the official EPA logo and have an EPA publication number. For example, if you used the “Protect Yourself from Pesticides” training material for workers for your 2017 training, you would record the EPA approval number EPA 735-B-06-001 on your training records.

Example of EPA logo and EPA publication number.



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