Joy Gagnon Receives UNH Extension Heckel Award

Joy Gagnon, a UNH Extension Nutrition Connections educator, is the recipient of Extension’s 2018 Maynard and Audrey Heckel Extension Educator Fellowship. Gagnon received the award at the Extension staff picnic in August.

The Heckle award is given to Extension educators for "exemplary program accomplishments achieve through innovative and creative approaches" in at least one of three areas: involving university faculty beyond traditional disciplines in meeting educational needs of New Hampshire citizens; developing and involving strong local leadership in support of Extension programs and assisting and supporting low-income families.

The awards committee singled out Gagnon’s slow cooker education programs as an example of how her work supports low-income families in the Granite State.

"Joy has brought an innovative approach to her programming efforts and has clearly demonstrated her ability to reach new audiences in an engaging way by thinking outside of the box. Through her programming, she has brought families together to share in a nutritious meal around the table, at a time when this seems to be a rare occurrence," the committee wrote in its recommendation.

"Joy has created new relationships with supporting agencies, developing and deepening connections with UNH Extension. She has leveraged these organizations for financial support for her programs, allowing her to do more with the limited resources currently available. She has excited both her clients and agencies around the topic of healthy eating and cooking education," the committee added.


Larry Clow
Former Production Editor