4-H kids cooking

New Hampshire 4-H offers program pathways as a way to create sequential learning experiences that spark interest, build mastery of skill, and grows true leaders. Each county specializes their pathways for the needs of their youth and families, while aligning with the National 4-H Mission Mandates (Healthy Living, Citizenship, and Science).

Strafford County 4-H offers multiple opportunities and delivery options for youth and their families to engage. Whether you are new to 4-H or have been part of the 4-H world for a while, there is something for everyone! From hour-long educational experiences to multi-day workshops to community clubs, youth can choose how they want to be involved.  Below are current pathway opportunities available in Strafford County.  Please contact the Strafford County 4-H program staff for more information. 

STEM: The 4-H STEM/Maker Pathway is for inspiring joy and confidence in making things.  Participants are encouraged to create, design, make, assemble, fix, stitch, build, sketch, tinker and solve problems all in an effort to make something that they can take pride in.  This pathway can help develop life skills, build confidence, teach STEM (Science, Technology Engineering, and Math) skills and inspire a “Can Do” attitude.

  • Science Bonanza
  • 4-H National Science Day

Healthy Living: 4-H participants have the opportunity to learn about healthy living through a variety of dynamic, hands-on, educational experiences.  The 4-H Healthy Living Pathway is designed to support learning for youth and volunteers with activities and resources promoting physical, social, and emotional well-being.

  • 4-H Favorite Foods Festival

Citizenship: 4-H participants have the opportunity to learn the importance of being engaged, well informed citizens. By connecting 4-Her's with their community and leaders, they have the oppertunity to understand their civic role within their community. 

  • Strafford County Day of Service
  • Youth Leadership Team
  • NH Citizenship Focus