Legislature Dinner with 4-H Carroll County Youth Leadership Team

The Carroll County 4-H Youth Leadership Team (YLT), Helen LaRowe, Kailey Deighan, and Davey Smith hosted a legislator dinner on April 3rd.  Legislators Susan Ticehurst, Bill Nelson, Tom Buco and County Commissioners Amanda Bevard and David Babson attended the dinner.   The youth engaged in conversation about local and state government.  The legislators were eager to share ways the youth can become involved in government and praised the youth for their public speaking skills.  Commissioner Amanda Bevard told the youth, “Politics make a true lifelong learner out of everyone”.  The YLT shared their plans for an upcoming service learning project on Earth Day and future plans for a visit to Concord.   4-H members Mikayla Eaton, Elsa Kantz, and Connor White also attended the dinner and shared ways they were involved in 4-H.  They have plans to join the Youth Leadership Team both at the county level and for their visit to the state capital.