Workshop Presentations Available: 2020 Joint Winter Meeting

The Joint Winter Meeting continues to be a great venue for learning, networking, meeting vendors and reconnecting with the Green Industries in New Hampshire, and 2020 was no exception.  Landscapers, greenhouses, garden centers, landscape architects, landscape designers, fine gardeners and more all benefit from the Joint Winter Meeting.  Sign up for the Landscape and Greenhouse Newsletter here to be notified of this and similar events in the future! Find our speaker presentations below.

Meet Our Extension Agriculture Business Team

Seth Wilner, Agricultural Business management Field Specialist, UNH Extension

The Next Wave of Invasive Plants: Garden Plants with Invasive Potential

Emma Erler, Education Center Program Coordinator, UNH Extension

Neonicotinoids in Context: A Crash Course on Pesticide History

Anna Wallingford, Entomology & IPM State Specialist, UNH Extension

Art in the Landscape

Thomas Berger, Owner, Green Art

How to Build a Sustainable Landscape System

Josh Altidor, Director of Maintenance, Boston Parks & Recreation Department

Training Employees to Water

Jonathan Ebba, Landscape & Greenhouse Field Specialist, UNH Extension

Invasive Plant Control and Habitat Restoration

Tracy Degnan, Senior Project Manager, Rockingham County Conservation District


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