Home Sweet Home With Joe Drake

4-H Volunteer Field Specialist

Joe Drake poses in a barn

Physical distancing and not seeing friends, family and co-workers can be difficult, but we sure are grateful for the safety and security of home. With Extension offices closed during the COVID-19 pandemic, staff members are sharing how their work has shifted and why they are grateful for home.

Joe Drake

4-H Volunteer Field Specialist

Now that you are working remotely, how are you continuing to help New Hampshire residents? 

We're working to help our 4-H volunteers bring their clubs and projects to 4-H members online. We're also working to bring our training for volunteers online.

What are you currently reading or what reading do you recommend in your area of expertise for those distancing at home? 

Some might find it boring, but I've been reading a lot of journal articles on positive youth development like "From Context to Outcomes: A Thriving Model for 4-H Youth Development Programs" (Arnold M., 2018).

Are you listening to any good podcasts? 

The Daily and Outside In (NHPR).

Favorite at-home activity related to your area of expertise? 

Well, that's a great question. I would have to say getting some frog eggs and watching them hatch with my kids. It's experiential learning at it's best.

Favorite thing to do with your family at home? 

Exploring the forest behind our house more this spring. Usually, our free time is filled with sports and homework.

Got a favorite meal to make? 

I love cooking! Lately, I've enjoyed using my smoker for chicken, ribs, sausage, etc. It all tastes better with a little smoke and time.

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