New initiative seeks to connect businesses and services with trail users

Communities across the state are working to re-open safely and assess their economic recovery plans. Some businesses have closed and others are working to innovate and reach their audiences in different ways. Simultaneously, we are seeing record trail use and increased interest in outdoor recreation as New Hampshire residents and visitors look to stay active and sane during stay at home recommendations. We know trails can be a driver for economic activity and many communities have natural assets that residents and visitors are looking to use. These same people also have economic needs and are interested in fulfilling those needs, such as food and drink, accommodations, rental and repairs for outdoor equipment, and local arts and culture, before or after trail use. Trail Finder is a website that makes it easy to find local trails in New Hampshire and Vermont with accurate maps and trail descriptions.

Trail Finder is working to add “Trailside Services” to its webpage. Trailside Services can include any businesses that might cater to or be frequented by trail users and they can also include local non-profits or attractions nearby. Once populated, trail users will be able to search for local offerings near the trails they choose to use. We believe this will help better connect trail users to communities and businesses supporting economic activity and increased quality of life. Trail Finder will be offering this service free of charge until next spring. If your community or business is interested in helping pilot this offering on Trail Finder, please send us an email- and


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