Grafton County 4-H Wildside Outdoor Photography Scavenger Hunt

Photography Patch
Our 4-H friends in Carroll County have invited us to participate in the “4-H Wildside Outdoor Photography Scavenger Hunt”.  4-H Wildside challenges youth to get outdoors this October 2020, take some creative fall photos, and learn some new skills.

How it Works

This contest is open to all Grafton County 4-H youth, ages 5 to 18.
Grab your jacket and camera and head outside for a photography scavenger hunt and take photos of a variety of things.  To find items on the list, you could go on a hike, bike ride, or a leisurely walk in the woods.  
You have the entire month of October to find and snap a photo of as many of the Scavenger Hunt List items as possible.  You can take photos with any tool you have available to you (phone, digital camera, instant, traditional film, etc.).  If you do not have access to a camera, a loaner can be sent to you.
If you submit at least 10 of your photos by October 31, your name will be entered into a drawing; one person will win a prize.  All participants will receive a 4-H Wildside Photography patch.

Scavenger Hunt List

  • Sunrise or Sunset
  • Body of Water
  • Mountain
  • Interesting Tree
  • Mushroom
  • Wildlife
  • Trail or Pathway
  • Fall Foliage
  • Boulder or Unique Rock
  • Spider Web
  • Cloud Formation
  • Trail Sign
  • Tree Roots
  • Rain

To Participate

Please register by October 1. 
Registered participants will get an e-mail explaining how to upload photos.

Take Your Photography to the Next Level

To enhance youth photography skills, Carroll County 4-H is offering two Zoom meetings during the challenge (open to youth ages 10+).

Cost: Free

Helpful Resources

Take your 4-H Photography Project Further


  • Talk to your friends and 4-H club about your photography project.
  • Interview a professional photographer.
  • Practice how to present your photos properly: mounting, framing, etc.
  • Create a demonstration for County Activities Day (topic ideas: camera equipment, lighting, composition, etc.)

Civic Engagement

  • Photograph your 4-H club members and activities and make an album to share.
  • Volunteer to take photos at the local fair, County Activities Day, or community event.
  • Use your photography skills to explore the county and tell a story about your town.


  • Show your club how to take and edit photos.
  • Organize a photo contest or display for your local library or another 4-H club.
  • Teach a photography SPIN to younger 4-H members.

New Hampshire 4-H Event Opportunities

  • Submit your photos into the County 4-H Activities Day Photography Contest.
  • Exhibit your photos in the fair.
  • Create a display/exhibit at the state Maker’s Expo.
  • Attend Teen Conference and participate in a photography workshop.

Career Opportunities

  • Studio/Portrait Photographer: Take pictures of people in groups or individuals.
  • Wildlife Photographer: Take photos of wild animals in their natural surroundings.
  • Aerial or Drone Photographers: Take photos from an aircraft, capture vast landscapes, mountain tops, and commercial real estate.
  • Wedding Photographers: Take photos before, during and after wedding ceremonies. Edit, develop and create wedding albums.
  • Marketing Photographers: Take images for advertising purposes.