Lynn Garland is again putting her creativity and talent to work as a fundraiser for the Rockingham County 4-H Foundation.

Fabric Neck Coolers keep you cool when you’re outside in hot weather!

When it’s hot and humid, place a neck cooler around your neck to keep you cooler when you’re outside working, gardening, hiking, or playing sports. It’s also great to wear when showing your 4-H animals or showing your 4-H pride too!

A donation of $5 (or more) will be rewarded with a 4-H Fabric Neck Cooler. All money raised goes to help fund Rockingham County 4-H programs and scholarships.

How to order

To order neck coolers, print and complete this order form:

Download order form


Choose from the 4-H fabrics below to customize your neck cooler, or email Lynn for other fabric choices (farm/zoo, floral, abstracts, and more).

How to use your neck cooler

To use your neck cooler, first place it in cool water for 10-15 minutes, even out the expanded polymer crystals, and then place it back in cool water for another 10-15 minutes. Your neck cooler will have expanded and is now ready to be tied around your neck. The crystals slowly give up their absorbed water and the evaporation of the water cools you for hours. When your neck cooler warms, return it to a bowl of cold water or refrigerate it and soon it will be rejuvenated and ready to cool you again. The neck cooler can be soaked and used over and over again. To save your neck cooler for another year, dry thoroughly before placing in a labeled, closed zip lock type bag.

Neck coolers can also be found at the Blue Bowl and Ma’s Café in Deerfield.

Thank you for supporting Rockingham County 4-H with your donation!


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