Approved Minutes from September 2021 Meeting

Heidi Barker

Coös County Advisory Council Meetings

Monday, September 13th, 2021 @ 6:00 pm, Extension Office, Lancaster 


Aidan Howry, Heidi Barker, Chris Whiting, Lori Langlois, Amanda Royce, Scott Losier, Zeanny Egea, Commissioner Ray Gorman, Wayne Saunders, Ray Bell, Melanie Staley, Scott Stepanian, Carol Jean 

Absent: Nick Rowley, Rep Eamon Kelley, Andrew Paine, Debbie Joyce 

Welcome/ Introductions - Scott 

COVID protocol screening 

Minutes from June 21st  Council Meeting DRAFT & Approval - Aidan 

Approved & seconded 

Council Membership: - Scott & Heidi 

Introductions & Nominations for Melanie Staley & Scott Stepanian  - Zeanny & Commissioner Gorman 

New Member Trainings:  

Oct 12th 6-7pm 

Nov 2nd 6-7 pm 

Motion & second to accept new members completed 

Resignation of Rep. Théberge – Open position & 2 Youth positions 

Carol Jean from WMCC (AmeriCorps VISTA) volunteered to join; accepted by AC 

Acceptance of resignation of Rep. Théberge – will be greatly missed! Very large contribution to the Cooperative Extension! 

Discussion of Inclusion and Demographics of Membership/Youth Membership 

Mike Curtis - ELO Opportunity; Aidan to talk to and connect Heidi 

Zeanny suggestion - Younger member – stay with us longer, more valuable experience; Lori – Allow two kids to join together – less intimidating 

4H – Very busy kids; potentially a rotating schedule; make their time worth it 

Nominations: John Accardi (Paige Hill Rd Lancaster), Wayne Saunders will follow up 

Council Recognition & New Plan - Heidi 

Gifts awarded to members with completed terms to catch up! 

Program Highlights:  New process for staff programming updates -Staff 

Newsletter will be sent out on September 8th with staff highlights 

Add in the opportunity for people to comment & have conversations 

How do I get that if I was just browsing the internet? Can I google Coos program happenings? 

Capability to partner with local newspapers? 

UNHCE App – Section for newsletter/program updates, calendar of events, podcasts, local 4H groups, etc. 

Additional feedback – Following the third edition of the program highlights we will have a discussion about how this is working  

Potential to share with community partner and other stakeholders     

Ag & Food Program Review - Nicholas & Amy 

Shifted to Dec 6th Meeting 

Other Business - Scott 

New Council leadership for next fall – Scott, Chair; Vice ?;  Secretary/Treasurer, Aidan 

Ray Gorman nominated for Vice Chair; declined due to busy schedule 

Need to re-visit in December 

Natural resources field specialist Search Committee 

9/30 Deadline extension for applicants 

Application review starting in October 

Council role: Interview final applicants Dec or Jan; extra meeting may be needed 

Confirm AC 2021 – 2022 Meeting dates 

Feb 6th should be changed to Feb 7th 

County Budget Updates (Heidi) 

Commissioner Ray Gorman spoke to updates 

Nov 10th – County Commissioner Meeting? 

Dec 13th – Delegation Budget Meeting 

*Dates to be confirmed 

Meeting adjourned, motion and seconded at 7:50 pm 


Healthy Living Field Specialist, Community Health & 4-H
Extension Field Specialist, Health & Well-Being
Phone: (603) 788-4961
Office: Cooperative Extension, Taylor Hall, Durham, NH 03824