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The final FSMA rules include definitions for sizes of businesses that are determined by sales figure cut offs and types of food being sold.  For example, a cheese maker selling less than the cut off of a million dollars of human food per year averaged over three years would be categorized as a very small business under the Preventive Controls Rule.  However, the regulation also allows for the cut offs to change over time to reflect inflation.  In 2020, for example, that cheesemaker’s cut off for sales from 2018-2020 has gone up to $1,142,427.    

To help farms and food businesses keep track of the changing values, the FDA has created a website that lists the updated values as they recognize them.

View the list here: FSMA Inflation Adjusted Cut Offs

(On the FDA site, to determine the updated cut off for your business, click on the down arrow next to the specific rule within FSMA that applies to you.)


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