Extending the season and overwintering garden veggies, winter sowing, lovage, and putting the garden to bed [audio]

Becky Sideman talks season extension and overwintering veggies, Emma Erler answers a question about winter sowing and frost seeding, and Nate Bernitz shares tips for putting the garden to bed.


Spinach in a high tunnel

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No matter what scale you’re growing at, growing veggies later into the fall, and even through winter, may be easier than you think. There’s a spectrum of techniques, from using old sheets to installing a high tunnel and so much in between. Becky Sideman has spent years researching agricultural season extension and experimenting with season extension and overwintering strategies at a small scale, and shares those proven tips and solutions with us on this episode of Granite State Gardening.

  • Featured Question: Is winter sowing a shortcut to spring? 
  • Featured Plant: Lovage (Levisticum officinale
  • Closing Tip: Putting the garden to bed 




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    Nate Bernitz
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