Gracie Ballou

I would like to introduce you to the newest CRV member, Gracie Ballou, our Coastal Ecosystem Education Coordinator!

"As part of the team here, I will be working with students and teachers at Seabrook Middle School as we study the amazing American eel in the Seabrook-Hampton Estuary. We will get outside, in the marsh, touching eels, collecting data, and doing science-all things I love. When I’m not in the field, I will be helping support Seabrook Middle School teachers by providing professional development opportunities and resources for future research projects.

I’m originally from Virginia but have always felt a gravitational pull towards New England. After graduating from the University of Vermont, I spent three years working with a community science research project in New York, monitoring the American eel migration. I then moved to Namibia to teach math and science as a Peace Corps volunteer. Upon completion, I returned to New England and now live in Maine with my wife. We have loved exploring the rocky coastline, rolling interior and quiet water."

 -Gracie Ballou

We are so excited to be working alongside her! If your'e lucky enough, you will catch Gracie in the field this spring.