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Recently, UNH Cooperative Extension performed a survey of local farmers to determine if there existed any areas where growers had confusion about the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), and a recurring theme among New Hampshire growers was record keeping.

Some key questions were, how long should records be kept, which records am I required to maintain, how long should I maintain them, and are any templates available for record keeping? Cornell University created a fact sheet that answers all these questions and has templates for growers to use for their record keeping. That document can be accessed here.

For more information on what the water system entails, check the University of Maine's fact sheet on record keeping.

Please note that neither of these fact sheets include guidance for sprouts, which include more records that must be kept. While few growers in New Hampshire currently grow sprouts, if you think you may be growing either microgreens or sprouts, but are not sure of the difference, check our article on that topic here. The article also contains a link to the FDA’s comprehensive sprout guidance document.

As always, feel free to reach out to anyone on our Food Safety Team with any questions you may have.