• College students picking fruit from a tree

I am frequently contacted by owners of agricultural businesses in the state and region who would like to hire UNH students. There are a few ways for you to connect with these students, and here’s what I suggest.

  • Handshake is the UNH career management system – it’s where all jobs and internships are posted. UNH students are familiar with this portal, and for most, it’s the first stop if they are looking for employment.  To post a job, you can set up an account as an employer. It is pretty straightforward, and there is a help email and phone number on the page linked above, if you have trouble.
  • You can also reach out to the coordinators of specific undergraduate programs on campus to reach specific groups of students. As the coordinator for our Sustainable Agriculture & Food Systems majors, I often forward specific agricultural or food business job announcements to our majors. I also physically post paper copies of job ads on a bulletin board outside my office, and it’s surprising how many students stop to take a look. This reaches fewer students, but is a bit more focused. I always encourage folks to post on Handshake first.

As you create a job ad, make sure to include all the key details: how many hours per week, experience/skills/requirements, location of the position, rate of pay, how to apply – and especially, what could a student expect to learn and what experiences could they gain by taking this job? If you have any questions, please reach out and ask!

- Becky Sideman, Program Coordinator for the UNH Sustainable Agriculture & Food Systems programs