• Christopher Conrad Brackett, Charlie French and Michael Apfelberg having a conversation

    L-R: Christopher Conrad Brackett, Charlie French, and Michael Apfelberg. Photo courtesy of United Way of Greater Nashua.

Michael Apfelberg, President of the United Way of Greater Nashua, has been leading a coalition of businesses, organizations, and local government partners to expand household access to high speed internet, along with the services that internet connectivity enables, such as access to health care, on-line banking, educational resources, and employment opportunities. Already, the coalition has launched a program to provide refurbished laptops and devices to individuals and families in need, and they formed a network of digital navigators to help people safely and effectively utilize digital resources to enhance their well-being and access a host of services and resources. As an example of the programs supported by the United Way of Greater Nashua, ten women who are new to the United States are receiving training and digital devices to start home-based child care businesses, addressing a crucial gap in child care services.

On June 17th, Michael interviewed Charlie French from UNH Extension and Christopher Conrad Brackett, owner of Greater Nashua IT consulting, to discuss how to advance digital equity in the region and across the state so that the benefits of internet connectivity extend to all people, particularly those facing barriers to access or without digital devices. Watch the TV interview on Nashua Public Television at: https://youtu.be/4KgEMyT9LOU