Education Center at Goffstown

A Question of the Week
There are a few different reasons why you might not be seeing as many birds in your yard or at your feeder. Learn why and what you can do to help bird... Learn More
Joy Ackerman - Always a Teacher Learn More
Susan Strickler, A Boon for Canterbury Learn More
She will focus on recruiting, training and retaining Infoline Extension volunteers throughout New Hampshire
Danielle Albano has joined UNH Extension’s Food and Agriculture team as Education Center volunteer program manager. Learn More
A List of Resources
Learn about some helpful resources for homesteading in New Hampshire! Learn More
Winter temperatures can affect spring blooms
Many people have been wondering why blooming has seemed irregular or even absent this spring for some trees and shrubs, particularly forsythia and sto... Learn More
Dorothy Orr - A Life Well Lived Learn More
New staff will help Granite Staters with home horticulture programs and resources
Stephanie Sosinski and Sean O’Brien have joined the UNH Extension Education Center as assistant program managers for home horticulture with the Food a... Learn More
November 2022 Featured Master Gardener Learn More
A Question of the Week
For many gardeners, pokeweed represents a conundrum. On the one hand, it’s a native plant that provides an important food source for songbirds. On the... Learn More