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How Can I Succeed with Orders from the NH State Forest Nursery?
Various websites, along with the State Forest Nursery, provide high quality information about specific species of trees and shrubs and their value for... Learn More
Trees Tell Their Stories Series
Hello everyone! We are now midway through October and hopefully enjoying the fall colors before they are gone for another year. Recently I was asked ... Learn More
Woodlot Wandering Series
Happy November everyone! Now that we are well into our fall season, and the weather has turned a bit cooler, our thoughts turn to heating for the up... Learn More
Trees Tell Their Stories Series
Howdy Folks, and welcome to late November! The leaves have changed color, and most have fallen, and the site of fresh snow on the ground sends many to... Learn More
Part of the "A Walk in the Woods" series
White pines are particularly sensitive to growing too close together. In a crowded stand of pine, the trees’ lower branches can’t survive in the deep ... Learn More
Over 260 people participated in the 7th Eastern Old-Growth Forest Conference on September 21-23, 2023, at the Geneva Point Center in Moultonborough, N... Learn More
UNH Extension is pleased to announce that on September 18th Lindsay Watkins started as our new Extension Field Specialist, Forest Resources, covering... Learn More
From the Woodlot Wanderings series by Coös County Forester, Ray Berthiaume
Hello everyone! We are now well into October and our fall colors are rapidly fading and falling. Seems like the colors were pretty and quite vibrant b... Learn More
In early to mid-summer, a female acorn weevil uses her elongated mouth parts to chew a tiny hole in a developing acorn. She then deposits a fertilized... Learn More
From the Trees Tell Their Stories series by Coös County Forester, Ray Berthiaume
Let’s talk a bit about one of the first trees to show us its autumn splendor, the Red Maple. The Red Maple, also called White Maple, Soft Maple, or Sw... Learn More