Melon Grafting: Hands-on demo

grafted melon seedling

Recent research at the NH Agricultural Experiment Station showed that grafted melon plants showed excellent resistance to sudden wilt, outstanding vigor, and increased yields of very high quality fruit. We are excited to have Janel Martin here leading a hands-on demo, where she will pass on the tips and tricks she learned for creating healthy and vigorous grafted melon seedlings. The demo will take place Wednesday, March 7, in Boscawen, NH from 4:30-6pm.

Janel recently received her M.S. Degree under the guidance of Dr. Brent Loy, a world renowned melon and pumpkin breeder, studying how grafted melons might benefit New England growers by reducing sudden wilt. She shared her results at last year’s Cucurbit School; you can view her presentation here

Each participant will have the chance to work through the process along with Janel and finish a few melon seedlings of their own. You will learn how to create a healing chamber, the grafting process, pitfalls to avoid, and where to get supplies. The cost for the workshop is $10, to cover materials.

You can access the flier here; and you can register online here. For questions about registration, contact or 603-796-2151.