Merrimack County Lays Down the Challenge!

Field of pumpkins

Participants at the Merrimack County 4-H Garden Clinic on Tuesday, March 20th will have the opportunity to take what they have learned and challenge themselves to Create a Pollinator Garden OR Grow Pie Pumpkins.  Participants in each challenge will have the opportunity to come back in the fall and showcase what they have accomplished.  The showcase events are described below:

Pollinators Enthusiast!

Come back and join us in early October for an ice-cream social and show off your pollinator garden with a photo presentation and illustrated talk. Make improvements and return with your project on Presentation Day. Use your imagination, dazzle us!

Pumpkin Enthusiast!

Bring those pumpkins back in early October for a pumpkin pie baking party. From crust to completion, once created the pies will be donated to a local soup kitchen. To celebrate we too will have an ice-cream social. Showcase your efforts at Presentation Day!