What are the Various Private Pesticide Applicator Categories?


As a private applicator you need to have either a private applicator permit for general use products or a private applicator permit for restricted use products. If obtaining a restricted use permit, you will focus on the crop or site where you are using the most Restricted-Use pesticides. There are fifteen possible categories:

  • TF - Mixed Tree Fruit
  • TF - Apple Tree Fruit
  • SF - Grape Small Fruit
  • SF - Strawberry Small Fruit
  • SF - Raspberry Small Fruit
  • SF - Lowbush Blueberry Small Fruit
  • SF - Highbush Blueberry Small Fruit
  • SO - Sod
  • VG - Vegetable
  • DY - Dairy
  • PO - Poultry
  • BK - Beekeeper
  • GH - Greenhouse
  • NS - Nursery Study
  • CT - Christmas Tree
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