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Intent to Show has changed for many 4-H animal projects this year.
New in 2023, ALL NH 4-H animals used for a 4-H show or fair in NH must be listed in the member’s 4HOnline account by the June 1, 2023 deadline. Please... Learn More
UNH Cooperative Extension is pleased to welcome Nate Bernitz to the Community and Economic Development (CED) team. On January 9th, Nate started his ro... Learn More
The arrival of winter provides a reprieve from wasps, hornets, and yellow jackets.
As a forester and arborist, I find joy working outside in every season. However, the arrival of the first hard frosts in autumn - followed by winter –... Learn More
SAFE for Food Pantries Class Series 2023 Learn More
SAFE Food Handling for Foodservice Workers Class Series 2023 Learn More
The NH Coverts Project is accepting applications from new volunteers interested in taking part in the 2023 NH Coverts Project training program. Learn More
Important information about filing taxes for New Hampshire farmers
Just like any other income you receive from a business or a job, income from a farming operation is subject to state and federal taxation/ This articl... Learn More
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This position is based at UNH's campus in Durham, N.H.
The public affairs manager coordinates University of New Hampshire (UNH) Cooperative Extension county office operations and public affairs activities ... Learn More