From rural innovation to group facilitation, CED wins accolades at national conference
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UNH's Emily Buehne ’25 has some great ideas to foster a love of libraries and of UNH across the Granite State
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This full-time position is based at UNH's Durham campus
The Extension state specialist in plant pathology directs and operates all aspects of the UNH-Plant Disease Diagnostic Lab, including diagnosis of pla... Learn More
This full-time position is based at UNH's Durham campus
The Extension state specialist in entomology and integrated pest management provides statewide leadership in agricultural integrated pest management, ... Learn More
This position is based at University of New Hampshire's Durham campus
The Extension state specialist in soil health provides statewide leadership in soil health and fertility in agricultural systems. This is a full-time,... Learn More
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Receive supplies for over 10 different mindfulness-based activities to complete at home.
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