Nature Economy

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Strengthening Economy Through Nature

We aim to help communities connect the environment and natural resources with community goals to create vibrant economies and high quality of life for all. This can be in the form of assisting communities in identifying and utilizing their natural capital, such as connecting their downtowns with trails and leveraging green infrastructure to reduce or maintain costs of community services.

Downtowns & Trails

New Hampshire's natural resources are its greatest asset. Our New Hampshire economy grows when our forests, trails, waters, are well taken care of, used by residents and visitors and linked to our downtowns.

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UNH-led interdisciplinary research team receives $15,000 grant to understand the role of the state’s Nature Economy in New Hampshire’s sustainable economic development as Covid-19 continues to shape how the state grows.
UNH-led interdisciplinary research team receives $15,000 grant to understand the role of the state’s Nature Economy in New Hampshire’s sustainable eco... Learn More
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