Many Thanks

A Thank you to Bill Maddocks for His Work with the Community & Economic Development Team
Bill Maddocks showing off a piece of history at Manchester's Millyard

I hope you will join me in thanking Bill Maddocks for his dedication and excellent work with UNH Extension’s community and economic development program over the past two years. Bill’s last day with Extension will be Friday, June 28th and we will dearly miss his contributions to the team and to the organization.

As you may know, Bill is Clinical Faculty with UNH’s Carsey School of Public Policy, where he directs the Sustainable Microfinance and Development Program, which has touched the lives of entrepreneurs across the globe. Because of his deep knowledge of microfinance and community development—and due to Extension’s interest in partnering with schools and colleges at UNH—Bill was contracted to support community development programming in Hillsborough County and across the state.

To highlight examples of his work, Bill worked with Sharon Cowen—emeritus community development Field Specialist in Hillsborough County—to co-lead the Economic Development Academy (EDA) in Manchester, New Hampshire. From 2013-2017, EDA provided skills training to around 100 economic development practitioners, planners, and community volunteers in New Hampshire and across the country. Bill also worked with colleagues—including State Specialist, Molly Donovan—to implement the Business Retention & Engagement program in communities such as Wilton, Hillsborough, and North Hampton. Most recently, he worked with colleagues, particularly Jared Reynolds, to lay a foundation for UNH Extension to help cultivate an entrepreneurial ecosystem in New Hampshire communities: one that provides existing and potential entrepreneurs with access to knowledge, resources, and expertise to help them grow their enterprises.

It has been a pleasure working with Bill over the past two years and we look forward to finding ways we can continue to collaborate! Please join me in thanking Bill for his contributions to Extension!

~Charlie French, Program Leader, Community & Economic Development

Bill replied, "Its been an honor and a great pleasure to work with you over the past couple of years. In my ten years of working at UNH, my work with CE was the only time I really felt I was part of a team as my African microfinance work was mostly with partners and faculty who were many times zones east and south of New Hampshire. There is an amazing amount of talent and dedication across Cooperative Extension and I know from the experience of being a part time member of your team how important your work is to the well being of our state. I hope to work with many of you again in some other capacity as we build a more equitable, sustainable and prosperous New Hampshire. I wish you all the best and thank you for your generosity of spirit, good humor and dedication to your vital mission."