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Owning forested land comes with a lot of responsibility and a lot of opportunity. Foresters with UNH Cooperative Extension work with woodlot owners in every New Hampshire county. They lead workshops and classes and are available to answer your questions. But why would you even consider reaching out to your county forester? Here are some reasons:

You just bought new land

When you buy a new piece of land it’s important to know the best practices for caring for that land. And if your land is forested, your county forester can walk with you around your land and tell you what benefits the land currently has and ways to keep your trees healthy. If you have an idea for your land, your county forester can help you understand what impact your actions will have on the trees, plants, wildlife and other natural resources.

You’re thinking about harvesting trees.

Selling timber is a once in a lifetime activity for most landowners that can significantly improve or degrade your land. Knowing the best course of action to properly harvest your trees can provide income, improve wildlife habitat and provide other benefits. When a timber harvest is uncontrolled, land value can decrease, the environment can be degraded and there could be legal entanglements.

You’re thinking about the future of your land.

Thinking about future generations and how your land will be used? Consider talking to your county forester to run through some options. A plan can be developed to help you figure out your long-term goals and how to reach them.

You want to do something for wildlife.

When you own a woodlot you are buying habitat for wildlife. If you’re trying to figure out a plan that benefits wildlife, consider talking to your county forester. They can help you figure out what wildlife use your land for habitat and steps you can take to improve that habitat.

You have a question. They can connect you to the right people.

County foresters know a lot about forests, and they also know a lot of other experts, too. When you have a question, a county forester is going to help you and provide you with connections to other experts on your journey to proper stewardship.

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