Let’s Celebrate and Give Thanks

It might seem out of character for a Yankee, but the completion of ordinary (and extra-ordinary) community projects like annual cleanup day, installation of a new swing set, the opening of a community space, or some other community-based project, however big or small, should be celebrated. Celebration can be an excellent tool for thanking the community and its volunteers for their hard work. It’s true, modesty and frugality are stalwart traits of a New Englander, but when used appropriately, a pinch of heightened praise, can go a long way. By celebrating, you thank them for their generosity and create goodwill for future endeavors.

In practice, a celebration might be as simple as a direct and private set of kind words, or as grand (that and then some) as a parade. But critical to that thank you, is a level of observance that is appropriate to the accomplishment, time and energy spent. Perhaps a potluck is in order, an awards ceremony, or maybe a nice article in your local newspaper. As the old proverb goes, “It takes a village to raise a child” as do community-based projects. While a small set of guiding hands often bring projects together, without the community, success can often be limited in scope or short-lived in time. Community support cannot be overstated or underestimated, and by that same token should be celebrated, even if just a simple set of kind words—“Thank you for your support.”

By celebrating, you give thanks, honoring those that have contributed and supported your efforts. Moreover, it’s that thank you that will help move your group, organization or rabble-rousing crew to its next successful project or endeavor. While proof isn’t always in the pudding, sometimes it can be! By sharing the positive outcomes you’re capable of, I’m quite certain the more likely you’ll have support and success moving forward. So cheers. Celebrate. Give thanks. To your successes, however great or small—“Huzzah!”