from Piera Siegert, state entomologist, N.H. Dept. of Agriculture, Markets & Food

  • emerald ash borer adult on white ash bark

The following statement from Piera Siegert, state entomologist with the N.H. Dept. of Agriculture, Markets & Food, is a notice for recipients of state of New Hampshire emerald ash borer compliance agreements, and others who may transport ash logs into Quebec.

Please be aware that Canada has expanded its emerald ash borer regulated area in Quebec. Canadian mills may begin advertising their ability to accept ash year round. Be aware that the United States emerald ash borer regulations, as well as those of the state of New Hampshire, have not changed. State and federal laws restrict transportation of ash logs harvested within an emerald ash borer quarantine area through Maine, Vermont, and New Hampshire’s non-quarantined counties (Carroll, Cheshire, Coös, Grafton, and Sullivan) during the flight period (May 1 – September 30). Please contact a USDA inspector, or the N.H. Division of Plant Industry (603-271-3681) with any questions.

This notice, as of February 15, 2018, provides the most up to date information on maintaining compliance with the federal and state emerald ash borer regulations. Please be sure that you communicate directly with plant regulators with any questions about regulations.